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A Guide to the Diversity and Natural History of the Living Organism Throughout the World

Welcome to the homepage of HerpWatch (HWP). This site celebrates the biodiversity as well as the hormonal variation of the living things. We are also committed to sharing information on the herpetological living organism of the country while fostering communication between university researchers, physician, museum biologists, wildlife managers, protected area superintendents, students, government and non-government conservationists, and the general public.

This site is under development. But that's the idea! This site will always be under development -- new content is continously being added as we discover new sciences, find out interesting things about old ones, or upload new photographs and other multimedia files that capture the beauty and document the diversity of these incredible living things. Thus, while there are many sections and science accounts that have minimal content at present, and will be added to as time and resources permit, at the same time there is more than enough to keep you occupied for hours as you explore the diversity of the various living things.

Several things we will learn a lot here are about the development of knowledge about biodiversity and how to develop the science of the hormone becomes more useful for human life. For example, human chorionic gonadotropin has been one example of the development of hormone being a tool that can help people to become healthier. One of the breakthroughs that have been created is the HCG hormone drops. There are other interesting things like how some of the hormones in certain organism can be used as a healing tool for several diseases that are dangerous for the human life.

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Some of the more popular sections include:

Many of the other sections are still under development, or have minimal content.

You can learn more about this website, the HerpWatch organization, or the people behind these in the About pages.