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About HerpWatch Philippines

HerpWatch Philippines is a non-profit special interest group consortium of academic herpetologists, conservation biologists, wildlife managers, biodiversity specialists, students, and laypersons with the common goal of promoting herpetological studies and conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the Philippines.

HerpWatch Philippines (HPW) was conceived by Arvin Diesmos during herpetological inventory and conservation program on Palawan Island in 1999–2000 (‘HerpWatch Palawan, 2000’). Together with Rafe Brown, Angel Alcala, and numerous collaborators, students, and conservation partners, the program was expanded to a country-wide effort between the years of 2001–2005.

About the herpwatch.org Website

The HerpWatch Philippines website (http://herpwatch.org/) is the sister site to the more encompassing ‘Comparative Biogeography and Conservation of Philippine Vertebrates’ Project (CBCPV) website. Dedicated to the study of Herpetology in the Philippines, HWP is part of the larger CBCPV goal to review and synthesize biodiversity information products related to Philippine land vertebrates.

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